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SMEF Grants 24'

The San Marcos Education Foundation (‘SMEF’) was founded in 1982 by a core of San Marcos parents, teachers, and community leaders to provide grants to teachers. The goal of the foundation is to provide direct financial support to teachers for the procurement of enhanced curriculum for needed classroom projects, within San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD). Dr. Richard Skay, President of SMEF since 2006, is quoted, “Teachers make a lasting impact on our lives in so many ways, SMEF helps to make a difference.” SMEF is a nonprofit, tax exempt, corporation operating independently of the SMUSD District. Over the years, $513,000 has been funded with +2000 teachers served.

This years applications included 24 quality applicants;16 were chosen based on greatest benefits to students, materials/equipment that are non-consumable, reasonable budget, and innovative ideas to enhance curriculum. The recipients will share $11,131.50 and include the following 40 teachers and educators:

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